Monday, December 6, 2010

i finally gave in about the dang tree!!!

i had to put this pic first cuz its my fave of the season thus far. anyway, we always let the kids decorate the tree and its great and then they go to bed happy. in every year past i have always snuck out and rearranged the ornaments and garland to ensure perfect and even distribution, but NO MORE!! jared innocently asked if it was ok to just let the kids do it and let it be. ok fine my sweet husband, kind daddy, manly voice of reason. so they did their thing and the top third has about 6 inches of garland on it and...i'm trying every nite to just grin and love it for its imperfections. knowing the cute little hands that did it, make it pretty easy.


DaBudges said...

It looks pretty good! And it is sweet that you let them do it and left it :D Good for you! :D

Linds said...

cute pics, especially the last he trying to be a present? cute.