Thursday, January 6, 2011

christmas=water park, don't ya know?

this place had to be repeated, all the kids were just in heaven last year. so big papa hooked us up, we set up fort and got wet and wild at the great wolf lodge. Raylee was usually frolicing aroung the spouty fountain things, and kendra was grabbin a cousin and zippin down water slide after water slide. my boys (all 3 as you will see) were commonly found in the snake pool, where they climbed across the lily pads and tackled the floating snake and beaver. not sure why they enjoyed those so much but it gave me plenty of rides on the tornado with what ever brave souls i could find to go with me. this place is a blast and we appreciate my parents' generosity in providing such a fun family get together, makes me wonder what our next adventure will be. merry splashy christmas.

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Renae said...

looks like fun. I'm jealous. Cabin fever is killing me!! I hate winter.