Thursday, January 27, 2011

he wants me to ignore his birthday

really jared??? really??? he doesn't want me to tell the kids, no cake, no dinner, no buying anything, no mention of it. well he's getting a blog post so THERE! my funny posing beefcake of a man is always cracking me up and keepin our house a wonderful place to be. Of COURSE i'm grateful he was born and for every year that he is alive and with me. i love that he enjoys his boys and all the fun things they do together. not only his sons but the young men from church totally have a special place in his heart. he loves to have his daddy dates with the kids, which make everyone else left at home completely jealous. but he's wonderful at doing the crafty holiday projects and having the patience to make our family fun times truly enjoyable. as his gushing wife i most selfishly am grateful for the even-keel demeanor by which he uses the priesthood power in our home. our greatest blessings that we enjoy year after year, moment after moment are those that the gospel brings us. mister jared randall daddy pants, we love you and happy stinkin' birthday!!!