Sunday, February 20, 2011

no business like snow busy-ness

we found lots of snow when we were up in WA for the holidays. CA has got tons of snow lately and i wish we could go play in it--school and daddy working afar is gonna keep us home and living off these memories. we hooked up in the middle of Spokane and Sammamish (i dont remember the actual town) with some dear dear friends and their awesome kids. went to lunch, caught up, and headed for a little park with some hills. we layered and geared up. snow angels happened immediately and we didnt even have time to instruct the kids on the how-tos of sledding--they were off. the most HILARIOUS moment occured when (oh dear goodness i'm crackin up just picturing it again) matt and i were watching all the kiddos fly down the hill and we turn around to see who's coming next and caden is heading straight for a decent sized bush, we couldn't do anything about it we just watched him get totally avalanched, buried in the snow. it was too funny. he handled it well and got up saying "mommy look i am covered in snow!!!!" matt and i were literally doubled over, tears coming out, not breathing since we were laughing so hard. raylee enjoyed making the snowman, i thought my construction was just fine till matt and jared came in. it turned into a snowball fight and good ol family fun. my kids couldn't get enough of the snow so the next day we went to a snow park in Snoqualmie. they had this huge hill and we attacked it and had a blast. i love brady's multitasking of trying to peg other kids with a snowball AS he's flying down the hill. he's such a boy! our other boy had a hard time following the direction of the snowpatrolman--sled down the middle and walk up the side. he much preferred to switch it up and become a human target for everyone else. i sprinted up the hill to yank him outta the way and daddy had to sit him out on the sidelines several times. it was tough on poor caden. but we managed to log in plenty of snow hours and experience (but gratefully leave behind) the freezing white slick stuff.

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