Saturday, April 16, 2011

i have a man cave???

so there's some guys (jared's former young men+ a friend) who have come over to hang out. it started with PS3 playing & snacking into the midnite hour,and now has progressed to wrestlemania with the kids during a "fry party", a meaningful converstion here & there, and family scripture reading/prayer quality time with my clan. the boys use the fried food, video games and binging on junk food as an excuse to hang out with jared and i cause we are so cool. nah, not really, but these guys are great and we love having em over. sorry the pictures are blurry but these are definite action shots, my phone's camera isnt fast enough to keep up with the body tosses and human catapulting into the couch cushion mountain. the boys catapulted me too, its pretty safe and the kids love it. after the food and fighting frenzy we settle down for some quality time. that consists of raylee demanding on stories read by whoever is her favorite that nite, then we get a kick out of including them in our family stuff at the end of the day, picking on them for prayer etc. this great group of guys are growing up and going on their separate ways in life. but as one of them said at Spenser's going away party, "this is like our man cave". and one of them is famous for referring to me as, "the old lady we hang out with". we are excited for their upcoming adventures and so proud of who they are already. they will always be welcome to come hang with the old fogeys in the cave.

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Emma Lowrey said...

that was thee funnest night of my life lol ill never forget those dumb pigs haha good stuff and luv the blog! :) so so cute