Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my kids' first sport--besides gymnastics

even before i knew about the gym closing i finally braved the big bad world of childrens sports. i settled on the rec center's basketball program. this was a risky move considering where we reside and how i'm a bit of a coach-snob. i swallowed my pride for the sake of brady and kendra who really wanted to try this sport. i was very happy with their coaches. kindergarteners playing this sport is more than a crack up. the amount of ball hogging and traveling that happens is unbelievable. brady only took about 4 shots all season, and he made one. he was so shocked and thrilled in that moment. he looked at me (as i was quite the spectacle standing, screaming and jumping for joy) he paused and wanted to come hug me since he was so overjoyed but i shewed him back to keep playing. he was on cloud 9, it was adorable. we had a good cheering section for both of the kids' seasons. lots of family support, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma vofo and tanner and rob made it to see them in action. kendra had a blast learning the game. she did pretty well and maybe shot the ball once. she gained some skills and loved that her coach nicknamed her "smiles". her games got pretty competitive for 4th graders which meant i was shooting my mouth off at the refs and other team, which meant jared was shushing me and shaking his head. and we've only just begun. brady and kendra had a blast, that is what matters most (i suppose). nah, it was great to watch them acquire different skills, work with a team and respond to their coaches so well. bring on the next sport for this family.

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Carrie said...

That looks so fun! I could see how kid's basketball would be way more exciting to watch than the baseball that our family does. At least with basketball, the kids actually make contact with the ball! Baseball can get just a little SLOW, to say the least. But yes, we love it because they do.