Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friend or Sister? you tell me

I grew up with 2 brothers. Tonight I went out with a couple friends. When I came home I told Jared what a great time I had. I said, "These girls are like my best friends ever, (no offense to all my other bffs) Jared chuckled and said, "You always say that"--I quickly replied, "Ok no, they're like my sisters". So I ask you--what's the difference? I kinda feel like the baby sister in this trio. Miss Tammie, Sista Jenny and I spent a week in the woods with 21 silly wonderful amazing young women. But come on, it was the WILDERNESS with no husbands or electricity etc--good thing we are such outdoorswomen!! major ha ha Girls Camp bonds us for life but it goes much deeper than that, and I'm so lucky to realize this blessing after our awesome dinner out. When we 3 goofballs get together we disclose a lot of personal stuff. I revealed a couple major life changing moments and they lifted me up and supported me in such a loving way, it felt more than just a friendship to me. I don't know what it's like to have a sister but right now it doesn't matter since I've realized the quality of connection I have with the right people in my life.

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