Friday, November 28, 2008

My first Turkey Day post!

What is not to love about a day dedicated to food and your blessings. Oh sure the whole pilgrim thing is cool too but I think society has done a wonderful job with commercializing this holiday--it is much to my liking. Our Thanksgiving started with the Anderson 15 gathering in my home and Rodney, Karen & Nicholas joining us. Balloon fun kept the children happy while the cooking team finished prep. After gorging ourselves I made all the family do the whole gratitude tradition but Jared turned it into a fun game where we all annonomously wrote down our fave blessing and then we all guessed who said what. Lots of laughs and we all felt good after a nice brisk walk down trail 41 in our back yard. It turned out to be a wonderful day.


Robin said...

sounds fun! okay, but what's the previous post about a house!? you haven't lived in the house you're in now for a year yet . . . this is early! even for you!

and is that scout? what a cutie chunk.

jamie said...

laurie, i am right there with you about the true meaning of thanksgiving. being grateful, the food, and being grateful for the food. i love all these pics of your family. oh, i'm having salinas yearning now... sigh. love your blog!