Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh yeah, we went to Disneyland!!

The much anticipated trip to the Happiest Place on Earth--courtesy of Big Papa. The VonForell 17 member mob of us wound ourselves thru both parks and had an absoulute blast. Us Andersons were so glad that all 6 returned to each other safely each night. These 41 pix capture most of the moments but I'm so glad we have the coutless memories that we do.
We were lucky to have Roxi as a tour guide and Dan as a photographer for the trip. There's nothin' like spending time with my wacky bruddas and their crazy kids. Thank you so so SO much mom and dad for the great idea, the wonderful arrangements and for the SUPER supervision on this most loved VoFo outing to date.


Brant and Leslie said...

This is Cousin Leslie -- my sister Tina just showed me your blog. SO cute! I love seeing the pictures of you and your kids. There is a picture of your dad, that looks exactly like my dad. He has a polo on, with the long currly hair on the sides that curl up over his hat. There is something about genes! Have fun with your 4, believe me, I know how much fun 4 can be! You look like you are enjoying it. Tell your family HI -- and if you are ever in Denver, look us up!
Love ya, Leslie

Laurie Von Anderson said...

hey leslie, so cool to hear from you--i clicked on your name and it took me to a big ol Zirker sight, i couldn't find you--can you help with that, and does tina blog, i remember emailing a bunch of extended fam a while ago to tell them how we blog now, is that how she found me, i would love to see and hear how you all are doing--i always really liked your dad--how is he? take care

Robin said...

jealous. that's all i have to say. i'm so jealous!

but it looks like you had so much fun. how could you not? it's disneyland!