Sunday, January 24, 2010

double wedding weekend--woo-hoo!

love is in the air or something. my sparkly brittany and cute cute kristen got married this weekend. i've watched these girls thru the young womens program and now they have to be out in the big bad world. at least they now have life partners that better treat them as the royalty i see them as. raylee was asked to be the flower girl with kendra as an escort--in case raylee melted down in the aisle. she didn't by the way, and i was choked up to see my little squirt hold hands with kevin the whole way to the stand. however she quickly yelled "MA MA" as she was done and needed to find me. --too cute. brit had me do her cake--just the display one for them to cut into. it was...o.k. seeing as it was my first one. my back still hurts from crouching to smooth out all the imperfections. this was jared and my view for kristen and hunters reception--we played the music for them and enjoyed every minute watching the happy couple dance the night away. thank you double wedding weekend for reminding me of my own beautiful day. our reception was at the same building as these so it was awesome to sit and reminice with jared. we cracked up at ourselves and realized how much we are still so much in love. we hope the newly married couples will be just as blissful.

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The Word Is Happiness said...

You are such an amazing person! You are so helpful and always so creative! The cake was amazing. How blessed the world is to have you here. I am sure the girls were so grateful to have your help. You amaze me.