Thursday, January 28, 2010

my biggest birthday boy!

When i chose this great guy years ago I never imagined that it would feel like paradise even after all this time. Jared turns 33 today and I want to celebrate him by showing just SOME of his cuteness that we as his family enjoy everyday. he is the only man who could get me to go to the end of the earth with. that was a crazy hard fun time and his loving support made it an adventure of a lifetime. we all know he's a dang hard worker and i'm so happy he loves his very cool but dangerous job--plus he's semi-sexy in a hard hat. As the children started rollin in the real family fun began. Pregnancies and births were of course monumental but I will never forget his tender yet shy adoration he had for the tiny newborns. Jared is indeed my gentle giant (just like my own father). Holidays are of course joyful and full of memories. I appreciate how Jared always takes over with festive activities for the kids and lets me just watch and enjoy my favorite people in the whole world. It's been a great ride already babe. You make our world the happiest place on earth. Happy birthday my sweet sweet.


Carrie said...

Ok, that first picture is priceless - I'm loving the slip-on pumps with socks to boot! Happy birthday, Jared!

James Shipley said...

Happy birthday Jared. It was just two weeks ago we were riding bikes on the dirt near your house and building towers in your back yard to sleep in. Two weeks and 22 years ago. :)

The Word Is Happiness said...

What a sweet sweet blog! Loved it!