Friday, January 1, 2010

reflecting at new years

resolutions aren't something i normally do, dr. phil advises that they are usually short lived and you should be constantly setting small attainable goals. so as the past year has passed i've been very reflective on things i would like to improve upon. of course family is first, i want to be a better mommy for my wonderful children and more specificly value each one more individually and help us all learn bettter ways to cope with caden and his special needs. i need to realize everyday how blessed i am to have good friends around me. these girls (some of my original young women) and i talk about EVERYTHING and they keep me youthful and so happy to be a girl. this year i hope i can make them, my fb friends our family friends, coworkers, church family and my homegirls feel as special and loved as they do to me. im happy to say goodbye to the hard times that occured in 2009. i know we have trials to try our faith and our character. i cant say i'm thrilled with my performance but i am willing to keep fighting and hoping. i confess that i've learned A LOT about myself--being broken down and building yourself up again is a difficult but so worthwhile process. i sincerely hope all of my and any of your upcoming challenges turn out to be wonderful experiences--and in between them we have a dang good time with each other and the ones we love.

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Moriah said...'re like the best mom ever...seriously...improvement would mean beyond perfection...which is like impossible!
And I don't know, Laurie...those hard times of '09 were easier than some 5ks I've done (and we all know what an amazing runner I am--not)'re so dramatic!