Wednesday, March 17, 2010

holy birthday BATMAN!!

his day started with "birthday eggs", and green slime cupcakes for preschool. raylee sent him off with big hugs for a great birthday. his dinner menu for the batman party was: orange juice, dad's bbq chicken, my pasta salad, green jello, corn and batman birthday brownies with green sprinkles. we enjoyed the brownie bowl--good choice brady! family and his bff Shea (and her fam) arrived, ate dinner, had brownies, and opened the presents. he had to wear the ironman mask immediately. silly boy. then it was pinata time--a great gift idea from uncle ryan and audrey. violence and candy--always top children's entertainment. it was a HOOT! some hitters were scarier than others and at the end brady got to jump and attack the pirate. all in all it was a great time, its so fun to watch him be super excited to be 5 years old. couple memories were: brady insisting on his bff sitting in a barstool next to him for the cake ceremony, noisemaker mayheim in the garage, and brady sneaking way too much candy, and totally rejecting kendra's homemade walkie talkies-- "NO! i wanted REAL walkie talkies BAHBAH!" Then after it was all done, him asking, "where's more presents?". hmmm the greed is luckily still cute at this age, his dimples helped too.

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Carrie said...

Your kiddos always have the BEST birthday parties!! THey're lucky to have such a party animal for a mom!