Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a glimpse of caden's emotions :(

it's time for bed, it's a normal nite, except daddy's working late--which is infact normal. the other 3 are brushing teeth, choosing books etc. then i hear the sniffles and a big ol "booooo hoooo hooo, i missssss daddy!!!" i start to comfort him and the sadness is settling in fast. daddy happened to call so i quickly put the phone to Caden's ear. i figured that would pull him through. it did not help. caden continued for a few minutes and i (being the blog conscious mom, wanted to grab the camera) since i saw this was not going to let up. he left the room saying he had to "see the pictures of him". i follow him ready to snap the shot. he looked at the beach pictures that are up in my room. the sobs continue, we all pitch in to nurture him. kendra's sweeping his face. they all look out the window to await his arrival. good thing he pulled up after this 15 minute ordeal. my little caden so so very tender. his heart and his mind continue to amaze me. he is a wonder but a delight. to think he didn't even create his own thoughts a year ago, showing this emotional connection (with a flare of the dramatic) thrills me as his mommy.

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