Sunday, March 7, 2010

mommy-daughter-grannie weekend getaway

kendra, grannie annie and i have been waiting for megan's baptism trip forever--it seems. it lived up to our expectations and more. kendras first plane ride (that she can remember) went just fine then we were greeted with this lovely sign, goodies and great plans for the 2 1/2 day trip to Washington. after a hilarious lunch out with shannon we went to their home and played (andrew was a cat the whole trip--too funny), danced, laughed and enjoyed jeffies soup for dinner. the ladies then headed for our night out. the girls got spoiled and we had a great time spoiling them. everything Panda & jewelery! saturday was the big day for my niece, with a tasty start of roly-polys for breakfast--family tradition. we attended her beautiful baptism, it was quaint, super spiritual, and PERFECT. 12 years ago jeff baptised Shan, and now she watched him baptise their daughter. everyone was touched and we were so grateful and lucky to be there and be part of it. megan's cute politeness always makes me smile. when she recieved her gifts, it was no different. we all celebrated by eating our weight at Red Robin (a first for me). they know jeffie by name there and took great care of us. swimming at grandma & papa's was where we spent the afternoon. we capped it off with my dad's amazing chicken and WAY TOO MUCH laughing and reminiscing over photo albums. of course we are more than fatigue, could be due to all the delicious food. highlights from this trip are: dj laur giving out awesome cds, lullabying andrew with spongebob theme song, oh the eating, chipotle and gnocci, and my gut bursting jokes about chewbacca and helmet head--early nineties hair styles is all i need to say about that. food, family, fun, more food and a fantastic moment in my niece's life made for the PERFECT little getaway.

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Carrie said...

How fun for you girlies to get away! We love Red Robin!