Saturday, April 3, 2010

all this and its not even easter yet

the kids are out of school, first day off chef caden and daddy made pancakes for everyone. daddy was eager to start demo in kendra's room so my FAVORITE young men came to smash up the room. she's bunking with raylee and its truly brought them closer. they are both very nurturing and sweet sisters. the easter extravaganza started on tuesday when the kiddos received invites to "grannie annie's easter party". they were so EGGScited. the party day arrived, raylee was ready to go to the park for the easter egg hunt--that was last week. the party was at our house. once the dyes were out, all was well. after making "peep-sicles" chocolate covered marshmellows--yum. we got them all tied up and ready for, "put the eggs in the basket" game. they all loved being blindfoled we let them wander around for a while then played the game. we finished up with an egg hunt in the back yard, ate lots of goodies and a pretty tasty lunch. the easter bunny is coming tonite so the celebrating isn't quite over but they've already had a blast thanks to grannie annie. this is just my handsome guy with his new hair cut. just in time to go back to school. their break went fast and it was nice to just chill and do the normal stuff with 'em and have them around more.

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