Monday, April 26, 2010

To Date: BY FAR our PROUDEST moment as caden's parents!!!

The moment i read the flyer from caden's teacher about participating in Special Olympics, i was mushy-gushy inside. Jared and I saved the date and prepared to be entertained. Little did we know what was to come... As we were waiting for the parade to begin, the announcer said, "I need Caden Anderson"..then named two other girls. My heart stopped. What do they want with my Caden????? we waited for a few, then curiosity killed us enough that Jared hopped the fence, marched across the field and found his son to bring to the hostess. she explained that Caden had been chosen out of a thousand participants--kinder thru high school--to lead the Pledge of Allegiance for the Opening Ceremony. (does Caden even know the pledge???) Apparently he does. He performed it "flawlessly" as the local paper reported. so with his unique cadence and emphasis he was TOO adorable as one of the youngest kids to do that. his teacher nominated him even though other teachers said they dont choose the young ones to lead the pledge. they don't know the memorization skills of my 6 year old. the best part was the repeated bows he gave to his crowd as the applause poured out. he even gave a high five during his stint of affection and gratitude. he's still bowing at this point, if i had to put a number on the amount, i'd say around 30 ish. jared had to wave him over while the announcer continued on, or he might still be there bowing. what a CRACK UP!!! the torch lighting was cool, i found it funny that they immediately extinguised it. saftey first with this crowd. this was Jared and my view for the events. after his big show he participated in the softball toss, the standing long jump--in which he was a total pro (all that jumping around when he's self-stimulating paid off) and then he finished the day with a 50 meter run. the proud daddy taping from the stands, mommy couldnt get enough hugs, and just to be with all those special needs kids was a huge life-changing event for us. there's not enough gratitude and love i can express to the teachers and aides that tirelessly give and try and give some more, to lovingly help these challenging children. we thoroughly enjoyed watching the similarities, and just feeling that acceptance and pride we have for our special son.


Dasha said...

That is just so cool! Way to go Caden!

The Fear Fam said...

Very exciting! Congratulations to Caden!

Moriah said...

AHHHH!!!! Way to go CADEN!!! He is SO my favorite little almost-7-year-old!!!!!!