Thursday, June 3, 2010

such proud NON-parents

SHS--GOOOOO COWBOYS!!!! high school graduation is such a huge moment--the ending of silly self conscious rambunctousness, but the beginning of trying to be an adult in this crazy ugly world. jared and i were so excited to go roast in the sun for 2 hours watching 5 FANTASTIC boys make this big step. jared had the privelage to serve, teach and play with these great young men in our church. we feel so lucky to have been able to be in Jon, Kyle, Louie, Tanner & Rob's lives for such a short time. these guys totally melt our hearts with their smiles, testimonies, respect and love for their families, and oh-so-cool fist bumps that my brady loves to get from them. of course we wish them the best, we are already so impressed with the wonderful people that they are, we have no doubt (even though we aren't even their parents) that they will grow to be amazing, productive, influential and just DANG AWESOME men. and yes, jared and i did scream like adolescents everytime one of their names was announced.

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