Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ruby--our real gem, saying goodbye to grandma

a 14 hour car ride was not a sacrifice at all in order to get up to Washington for my mom's mom's funeral. Ruby Fife lived 81 marvelous years, accomplishing so much and loving more than we can comprehend. her and grandpa raised 6 wonderful children, had a super cute relationship, and served 5 missions for the church. they are too amazing. dan and roxi were heading up for their family vacation, so i hopped in and after driving thru the nite we rested for a while then dan and i headed up to the viewing. aunt tammy made a wonderful slide show of her life and reuniting and hugging that fife clan was great. the funeral was beautiful--the family's musical number was incredible, my knees weakened when my mom so powerfully played the intro. i was impressed that we all didnt fall apart as we sang. but watching our dear cute little grandpa quietly weep and slowly wipe his eyes during the program was the hardest part for most of us. these are the Fife kids with their dad. its quite the crew. my uncles are talented, hilarious characters always full of suprises. my aunts are super loving, caring and involved. we laughed, we cried, we ate, we hugged but most importantly we were just there together to remember a wonderful, inspiring woman. one of the more touching moments to me was my brothers and dad being pall bearers. we are all very grateful that grandma is not suffering anymore but it's still unreal to imagine her being gone from us. we know her spirit lives on and that she is filled with joy, but it was hard to see her body put in the ground. my dad dedicated the grave and i was reminded of the great assurance that the blessings of the priesthood give us. it was comforting. afterwards the cute little relief society provided a nice lunch for the family. we had a lovely time to visit and just enjoy seeing eachother. this is my cousin melanie who we wanted an updated picture together since the last one we took was 32 years ago. so fun to catch up. the dividing of grandmas jewelery turned out to be quite humorous. my mom pulled out her jewelery she didnt want and we went shopping and had some fun with the dated accessories. we ended our trip with dan taking us geo-cacheing. its like a real life treasure hunt where you use your GPS to get clues and find hidden stuff. its pretty fun. we found this one in the woods by the golf course in my parents' neighborhood. all in all we had made and recalled great memories: bumping into my mom at the viewing and her not recognizing me, reading moms past yearly newsletters, spending quality time with andrew and megan, singing a beautiful number at the funeral with my extremely talented Fife side of the family, looking at pictures, and feeling so blessed to have had grandma in our lives. we love you grandma.


Carrie said...

what a sweet tribute. she sounds like an amazing woman. No wonder you're so's in the blood!

and i just have to say, thanks for your fun, thoughtful and encouraging comments you leave me. you always know how to make a girl feel good.

linda said...

I'm glad that you guys were able to get through this hard time. I know what it is like. You will really be grateful that you were able to get so many wonderful pictures. I imagine that your musical number was wonderful and I know what you mean about your mom's piano playing. She is so good on that!