Tuesday, June 15, 2010

last week of school=marvelous mayheim

oh dear goodness. preschool graduation, end of the year parties, field trips, and the teacher thank you gifts are enough to knock a mom down. brady recited "wee willy winkie" at the microphone beautifully (despite his unclear speech) and he and his girlfriends were so proud of themselves. kendra's end of the year bowling party was cool. rayray and i surprised her and hung and hugged her homegirls for a little bit. she made great friends this year. hallelujah. brady's class field trip was to chuck e cheese's. we had a blast. brady took raylee around like a good big brother. and he had to win enough tickets to buy a prize for all 3 of his siblings. im doing something right with him. sweet caden gave these little treasure boxes to his teachers and aides. i spent some time in the classroom and at events and im so extremely impressed with their patience so they deserved a lot more than a hand stained box of candy but it's what spoke to me. all in all we had a great year. the kids were successful at school in every way, thats all a mommy can ask for.

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