Saturday, February 5, 2011

my fourth is four!!!!

oh my little ray ray, four years ago in the hospital i was watching the superbowl after you finally decided it was really time for you to enter the world. i was so excited to have another girl so kendra could have a little sister and i could play pretty dress up again. kendra was smitten with her real life doll and the boys were fascinated with this little thing that was pretty noisy, still is in fact. everytime the camera came out i got this super cheese face from her. funny how she has grown out of it now and currently gives a sly grin. she got in her fair share of messy trouble but for the most part she has always entertained with herself, her "babies" phase with shampoo bottles lasted a while and still cracks us up to this day. funny enough kendra did that too at that age but only in the tub. i love how she puts herself in time-out, makes household objects into the best toys and how she still asks for hugs and lots of lovin. rayray's hilarious and has been as lovely as a toddler should be. she's my big girl now, and we all love her to bits! happy 4th birthday booger wooger!!

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