Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentines shmalentines--just kiddin

so we kinda celebrated early this year, the kids dont have school on monday, valentine's day, so we already did the parties and goodies this past friday. so im fresh out of feelin the love on this love-filled holiday. but this shot of me and my honey bunny in the snow makes me happy.anyway, the kids were troopers addressing their 100 valentines. i baked all the goodies and packed healthy party snacks and they all returned with tons of sugar and loot. i was able to go to brady's class this year, he was so thrilled, which was adorable. parents of kindergarteners are....funny. they totally hover over their children. maybe because he's my third im more kick back but it was entertaining to see all these moms get a bit carried away with their festiveness. my holiday spirit picked up today at church. my little nursery angels decorated the windows with heartsy clings and then we made big heart crowns that said their name and "you are loved". the kids wore their huge glitterey crowns thru sacrament meeting which made me giggle frequently, but then jared gave an amazing talk so it was quite a mixed bag of emotions, all good of course. they were adorable and ya can't help but just love em to death. tomorrow we will have a nice chill day at home. i have the kids' singing/dancing animal valentines ready to keep em happy and feelin the love. happy hearts day to you all.

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