Saturday, May 16, 2009

hooray for 5k, and the kids fun run!!

(look for kendra in the white hat/pink shirt, then soon to follow: me screaming, "here comes caden--he's fast", he's in the yellow shirt--i'm in purple) so at the last minute i heard about the "Heart and Sole" race sponsored by Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital--umm HECK yeah, I HAD to do it. And the 1/2 mile kids run was a must. so i started prepping Kendra and Caden for it and ready . . set . . GO! it was too adorable, i felt very strongly that i wanted Caden to try this, he always has me run races with him around the house so i thought he'd totally dig a real race. WOW, he started out in a full sprint--i couldn't catch him. Kendra was way at the front of the pack as the kids just ran and ran, Kendra turned the corner and was gone, then Caden saw the park up ahead and the distractions took over. He had to slow down for a while, then as we went down the residential street he thought it was funny to stop and hide behind the tree. then it did it with the next tree and the next--there were a lot of trees. needless to say we crossed the finish line at 10 minutes and Kendra and Zoey ran it in 6 minutes. they all got great "REAL" medals, enjoyed a healthy snack and called it a day. they had been there for a while so they could cheer me at the finish line. i ran the 5k (3.1mi) and did ok, a little faster than my first race, but i didn't shave as much off my time as i would've liked. my first mile was a 9 minute mile which was too fast for me and i was hurting for the last bit, but i did enjoy throwing my water cup on the street like a marathoner. all in all it was a blast and i loved this experience with my little racers. 4th of July race here we come!!


The Fear Fam said...

Way to go, guys!

Christy said...

What a great activity for the whole fam. I think I could maybe do a 5k, even if I came in last and late :) But a 9 min. mile- great job!