Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day mania

this is what it's all about. the picturesque memories of the adoration and acknowledgement of the sacred honor of motherhood.--where did that come from, feeling too nostalgic i guess. anyway the weekend was filled with love and gifts as jared surprised me (and both our moms) with a bright bouquet of tulips in a nice vase. then it continued with: eggs benedict by jared, nice card & hat from grannie, poetic flower vases from the boys, ceramic handprints by Raylee and Caden (i've always wanted those),and a beautiful handpainted terra cota pot by Kendra and Caden made a cute beaded keychain at his "real preschool". a lovely day at church with a few thoughtful extra touches here and there rounded out this Mother's day. I wish i would've make little gifts for all the influencial women in mine and my children's lives, maybe someday i will but wow the list is long so it might have to wait till retirement. love you all you AWESOME strong women, happy mom's day!

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robin said...

that is too cute laurie . . .

i love the picture of you and your kids. it's just you and a bunch of mini-yous.