Sunday, May 3, 2009

mr. caden is half a dozen!

that makes him sound old huh? so we took muffins to his class today at church--kinda felt funny taking a 6 yr. old's b-day treats to the nursery but that's where's he happy for now-- and will ditto that at preschool on tuesday. today after church the fam gathered for jared's mexican meatloaf, nachos, and cherry garcia cupcakes w/ cherry garcia ice cream of course. not that any of these were caden's faves but i can't entertain with pizza rolls and wheat thins (his meal of the month). he loved his "birdie birthday hat" and his birthday wish was too precious--as you can view below. his big truck, r/c car, webkin, fishy game, shape building puzzle and lots of fun little things were well received--even the wonderment of autie shannie's crafty gift arrived from washington. we finished up with all the kids painting and stickering cute hats to take home as favors. caden is so well loved and was totally acknowledged and felt very special on his special day. we love ya cader-cade.

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robin said...

so cute laurie. caden is awesome.

i thought about him on his birthday. being that he stole you on my wedding day. the nerve.