Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oh yeah, it was my bday too!

32--no big whoop. all i wanted was a nice dinner out, coldstone cupcakes(pure heaven) and for the kids to sing to me. i got all that and more. jared thanks for my stationary bike, girlfriendz thanks for the two nice dinners out (one still to come), my salinas valley gym family: thanks for the embarrassing serenade, and all my facebook homies: thanks for the sweet messages. the early 30's aren't so bad. i've made a goal to run a half marathon (13 miles) when i'm 33-- sounds a bit daunting in written form, maybe i'll progress up to a 10K race first then work my way up, gotta stay young somehow huh?


Carrie said...

Happy birthday Laurie! You crazy marathon running woman you. Just the fact that it's a GOAL of yours amazes me.

robin said...

happy late birthday laur. i totally thought of you on your birthday, but did nothing about it. no call, no facebook message. i'm lame. i'm sorry.

but just know that, if i had been there, i'm sure we would have celebrated in style. a.k.a, a girls' night where i'm sure we would have stayed way too long, and made way too much noise.