Thursday, December 3, 2009

water park on Thanksgiving day--now that's a holiday!!

AT LAST the beloved Great Wolf Lodge--i'm pretty convinced its in the running for the happiest place on earth. My dad found this little gem in Tacoma. Ray was rockin her boots and ready for the splash down. Brady could always be found in the huge wave pool--i think he swallowed half the pool from attacking those waves. pure exausting excitement the rooms were awesome with wolf den bunks for the kids to crash in there were tears at time of departure but jared and i gave it our huge approval. we already made plans to repeat this next year. thank you to mom & dad vofo for makin it all happen. so much fun and so many memories.


summerbummer said...

I can't believe you were THAT close to me and didn't come visit!! I've always wanted to go to the Great Wolf Lodge- the 80* indoor water park appeals to me so much! Especially in 30* weather!

Christy said...

Wow! I am not showing my kids what you got to do for Thanksgiving :)