Saturday, December 12, 2009

the first of christmas festivities

i have always enjoyed church functions and the ward Christmas party is usually the year's highlight--no exception this year. we gathered round in a cutely decorated gym and ate a nice big dinner. then mr. funnypants-with-a-microphone Seth told us the Easter bunny was coming. it was so sweet to see the kids excitement for the skinny jolly one. Santa (Jim Hill) apparently has been workin out this year. when he arrived the children sat poised listening to the meaning of the candy cane. they then went up to Santa and said their name in the microphone and received their cute goodie bag with the poem inside. Brady and Raylee had to be accompanied to see him but they were so touched by the poem cuz it was requested as the bedtime story that nite and they slept with the little poem paper. yes thats caden covering his ear. he has a love/hate relationship with the microphone. Church friends, good grub and Santa are always a great way to start out the holiday season.

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robin said...

hey! that's no fair! they stopped having santa at the first ward christmas party when i was a kid.

i'm glad he's back...