Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a john tesh christmas with a touch of memory lane

i thought of how to make this christmas special for my sweet family then john tesh's morning radio show gave me the answer. he said to reflect on past holidays, chances are you won't remember the toys you got but you will have certain memories and moments come to mind. not an earth shattering original thought or anything but it just hit me that i don't want to just get my kids STUFF, i want to give them heart-warming memories. i can't rattle off the objects i received (there was plenty i'm sure) but i do remember the treasure hunt clues to find the "main present", sneaking mom's christmas mint chocolates, peeking in closets, the privelage of a slumber party with my bros, steaking out to catch our Christmas pixies, feeding the homeless, all the special musical numbers, and begrudgingly caroling around the piano on christmas eve just so i could open one present as a preview. this year we are planning a couple new traditions: making the family gingerbread village and watching the Luke Chapter 2 video after we open stockings and before presents on Christmas morning. so those along with goodie drop-offs and driving around to look at lights will hopefully help us focus on great holiday family moments.