Thursday, December 31, 2009

my shannie-kins is 33 today!

i have now known shannon lee wilson vonforell for more than half my life. the stars were aligned in high school when we had 3 classes together our junior year and the alphabet sat us next to each other. she was a nice girl who talked a lot so i brought her into the mormon kid group. the rest is history, actually more like storybook. from sneakily dating my bro to girls' camp moments & good teenage fun, we grew into the closest of friends. her baptism & temple wedding continued the fairy tale. my best friend now sister-in law a dream come true. we will make our daughters follow the legacy being best cousin buddies forever. every new years eve (her birthday) i think of shan and how lucky we are to have her in our family and how vitally important she is to me as my bff. happy b-day shannie!

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Shan said...

Thanks for that special birthday blog. I'm am equally blessed to have such a wonderful bff in my life. Our frequent phone calls get me though tons of good and bad times. It's nice to know I've got such a great connections with a friend like you.